Oxford University Press/ 978019273673/ 9 – 12 / To be published in June 2015

Two characters from very diverse backgrounds collide from different directions only to combine their forces against adult forces that threaten something rather special. Feather is a young girl taken as a youngster to live as the daughter of a rock singer – now disheartened and
organised by everyone else. Nolan, on the other hand lives with a mother who by turns is frenzied, energetic, overly positive, bright like a star too close for comfort (with a new head of dramatic green hair) and… a heavy black depressed cloud.

It is a story of survival. Of secrets and young people trying to deal with things, in one case far too complicated and of friendship.

Not everything is perfect in life – Feather has everything she wants, apart from freedom. Nolan has everything he wants, except stability. This is brilliant new novel by a very well known and respected author. As it is due out in June I have only had a proof to read with a very early designed cover. I thought the above ‘Shadow Cat’ might be suitable, but doesn’t reflect the cover that Oxford University Press will ultimately give the book.