Water Horse / Holly Webb

Not yet Published (07 May 2015)

Orchard Books  / ISBN 9781408327623 / 8 +

Fantasy / Magic

This was a lovely read. The book is set in my favourite city (Venice) and does have the lovely atmosphere that the city exudes. Olivia is the princess of Venice, the daughter of the duke (not Doge/King) and this tells the tale of her learning how her position is supported by the people of the city and about how that city is under threat. Historical ceremonies have been taken a little out of context too, but the story line is a good one and it is a lovely (if slightly ‘squiffed’), introduction  to Venice. Magic, Sea-Horses (actual horses that live in the sea, a brilliant touch), and good against evil along with a wedding to come… As with The Undrowned Child (Lovric), Venice lends itself superbly to this type of mystery and fantasy, though in this case I would have preferred for her to have been the daughter of  a Doge.