Published by Piccadilly Press / ISBN 9781848124370

This is part of the new genre for 9 – 12 year old readers. Murder mysteries. When the headmistress and her brother drop dead at Sunday dinner the pupils take a rather different view of the situation than that you might expect. This is a romp of a book and is full of wonderful vignettes – the burial in the vegetable patch for reasons only to be made clear in the book and the resulting repercussions really start the story – its wonderful. Full too of old boarding school type references, a bright fun, school story mystery, with at least two deaths (if you don’t count the stoat) and manipulations a plenty! The school is remarkably small, with only seven pupils, but all gloriously and suitably named: Smooth Kitty Heaton, Stout Alice Brooks, Dour Elinor Siever, Disgraceful Mary Jane Marshall, Dear Roberta Pratley, Pocked Louise Dudley and who can forget Dull Martha Boyle!