The reviews on this blog are written by me for anyone who is searching for books for children aged between, I suppose, three or four years of age, through to teenage. Though there will probably be the odd adult book thrown in for good measure; those I have particularly enjoyed over the years.

I don’t believe that adults shouldn’t read ‘children’s books’ (there is an extraordinary quantity of good, as well as bad writing for children) and with care many adult books can be chosen that are suitable for younger readers.

Further I generally don’t ‘sex’ books – by that I mean state it is ‘for boys or girls’. That way madness lies – that is unless I feel it is particularly ‘pink/blue’ to use a generic, or it has content that is perhaps, a little too personal.

Each post will be dedicated to a book and will have details of the publisher, retail price, and ISBN when available along with a note stating the age group for which I think it is suitable.

I have sold books for nearly 20 years to both adults and children in a well known bookshop chain, selling children’s books to all ages. Many customers return repeatedly to ask for advice, or about new books and authors that have come onto the market. With luck, some of those people I don’t manage to see because I have taken a day off, will find something on this blog that might just ‘fit the spot’.

I hope you will enjoy reading the books and perhaps the reviews…

Happy Reading