Published by Orion / ISBN 9781444000047 / 9 – 80+

Fantasy / Adventure / History

This is an extraordinary book set in Venice. It is a volume that will entice and mystify. If you haven’t been to Venice, you will want to visit, if you have, you will certainly return. The story is woven around a small nugget of Venetian history and the book is simply dripping with Venetian colour and water – it is atmospheric, dark and a unique piece of fiction. Not for the feint hearted – a book that once started is devoured and savoured. It is (probably) unsuitable for young people under the age of 9 or 10 – but for those who are willing to be pulled into a world of murder, mystery, wild mermaids, and talking cats, with just a smidgeon of history, it is a, frankly, superb tale… Not to be missed.